Two New Victorian Crime Mysteries

The Shadow Of William Quest Cover



London 1853 – Where the grand houses of the wealthy lie a stone’s throw from the vilest slums and rookeries of the poor.

A mysterious stranger carrying a swordstick walks the gaslit alleys and night houses seeking vengeance.

A man determined to fight for justice against all the wrongs of Victorian society.

Who is the secretive William Quest?

Following Quest’s trail from the teeming streets of London to the lonely coast of Norfolk, Inspector Anders of Scotland Yard is determined to uncover the truth.

This exciting Victorian thriller takes the reader into the sinister hinterlands of Victorian London as the hunter becomes the hunted. Then to the wild and lonely countryside of Norfolk for an exciting denouement.


A SEASIDE MOURNING  by John Bainbridge


Devonshire 1873. The peaceful seaside town of Seaborough, half-forgotten on the eastern border of the county, seems an unlikely setting for a murder.

When a leading resident of the town dies, the cause of death is uncertain. Inspector Abbs and Sergeant Reeve are sent to determine whether the elderly spinster was poisoned.

Behind the Nottingham lace curtains and over the bone china tea cups trouble has been brewing. Seaborough is changing, new houses are going up and some prominent inhabitants are ambitious for the town to become a popular resort.

As one death leads to another, the detectives need to work fast to uncover the secrets beneath the surface of this respectable seaside town.

Now available as paperbacks through Amazon and Createspace and on Amazon Kindle.


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