Forthcoming Works from Gaslight Crime

John Bainbridge Novels

Following the success of A Seaside Mourning, – a new Inspector Abbs novella, set around Christmas in a lonely Norfolk village, will be published in the Autumn.  The events take place a month after the mystery in the first novel.

A full-length 1930s thriller, set in London and Scotland, will appear later this year, featuring a new set of characters in a desperate hunt for a man who threatens to bring chaos to the world.

And, yes, a new William Quest Victorian mystery will appear in the New Year.

We will put an announcement on the Gaslight Crime blog on publication day.

Thank you to everyone who has bought copies of A Seaside Mourning and The Shadow of William Quest. As a small publishing imprint, in direct competition with the major publishing houses, we appreciate your support.

Please do tell your friends about our publications and the Gaslight Crime blog.

Thank you!


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2 responses to “Forthcoming Works from Gaslight Crime

  1. Ash

    John, I refuse to use Amazon so where can I buy hard copy?

  2. As I understand it copies can be ordered from any bookshop, though I think the delivery times are longer.

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