Work in Progress

Here’s a quick update about what we’re working on at the moment.

I’m writing the final chapters of an historical novel set in England during the 1190s. This will be published in the Spring.

Anne is writing a detective novel set in 1931 on the south coast of England.

During the summer I’ll be bringing out the second William Quest thriller – set in 1854. I’m just doing the final pre-writing research. It will be an immediate sequel to the first novel in the series, The Shadow of William Quest.

We’re also hoping to fit in some holidays and research some future settings.

My most recent novel, Balmoral Kill, is now out as an eBook on Kobo and Nook, as well as Kindle and in paperback.



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3 responses to “Work in Progress

  1. Wow! You are a writing demon!!

  2. stravaigerjohn

    Hi Marni, thank you. Happily, the Abbs mysteries and the new 1930s novel are jointly written with my wife Annie, which takes off a lot of the pressure.

  3. Eager to get my hand on the next Quest!

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