Mystery Stocking-Fillers

Do your friends and family enjoy period detective novels and thrillers?
Maybe you fancy treating yourself? A book to curl up with on these chilly winter days?

Travel back in time to Victorian England and solve a mystery in the company of Inspector Abbs. Walk the dangerous gaslit alleyways of London with William Quest. Chase assassins across the Scottish Highlands with secret agent Sean Miller…

Our Gaslight Crime titles are available in paperback as well as eBooks.
They make great stocking-fillers…

Just click on the links below to order in time for Christmas.

A Seaside Mourning

An atmospheric Victorian murder mystery set in 1873. The small seaside resort of Seaborough, half-forgotten on the edge of Devonshire, seems an unlikely setting for murder. When a leading resident dies, the cause of death is uncertain. Inspector Abbs and Sergeant Reeve are sent from Exeter to determine whether the elderly spinster was poisoned. As mourning rituals are observed and the town prepares for an elaborate funeral, no one seems to have a motive for ending a blameless life. Under increasing pressure, Inspector Josiah Abbs must search the past for answers as he tries to catch a killer.


A Christmas Malice

December 1873. Inspector Abbs is spending Christmas with his sister in a lonely village on the edge of the Norfolk Fens. He is hoping for a quiet week while he thinks over a decision about his future. However all is not well in Aylmer. Someone has been playing malicious tricks on the inhabitants. With time on his hands and concerned for his sister, Abbs feels compelled to investigate.. This complete tale is a novella of around 33,000 words. The events take place one month after the conclusion of Inspector Abbs’s first case, A Seaside Mourning.

Christmas-Malice-Kindle-Cover Reduced

The Shadow of William Quest

London 1853 – Where the grand houses of the wealthy lie a stone’s throw from the vilest slums and rookeries of the poor. A mysterious stranger carrying a swordstick walks the gaslit alleys and night houses seeking vengeance. A man determined to fight for justice against all the wrongs of Victorian society. Who is the secretive William Quest? Following Quest’s trail from the teeming streets of London to the lonely coast of Norfolk, Inspector Anders of Scotland Yard is determined to uncover the truth. This exciting Victorian thriller takes the reader into the sinister hinterlands of Victorian London as the hunter becomes the hunted. Then to the wild and lonely countryside of Norfolk for an exciting denouement.


Balmoral Kill

Balmoral Kill… Autumn 1937 – Europe is hastening towards war. As the King retreats to Balmoral, sinister forces aim to overthrow the British establishment, making the country an easy target for Hitler’s Third Reich. As time runs out a few desperate men are the last line of defence against the enemies within. They need someone as deadly as the opposition’s hired killer. They need Sean Miller. As a sniper and ace assassin his credentials are impeccable – but where do his loyalties really lie? In a frantic chase, from the slums and alleys of London to the lonely glens of the Scottish Highlands, Miller must face his own demons as he races to prevent the one shot that will change history… An exciting new thriller from the author of “The Shadow of William Quest”.

BookCoverImage balomoral Quest


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