Our New Detective Novel

Our new detective novel is now out in paperback and on eBook for Kindle and Nook eReaders – Kobo to follow in the New Year.

THE SEAFRONT CORPSEA view of Clevedon Pier in Somerset, England
A 1930s detective on England’s south coast …

Inspector Eddie Chance – Edgar if you want to annoy him – is nobody’s fool, if inclined to be lazy. Newly promoted, he’s looking forward to a quiet life back in his home town.

In March 1931 the Sussex seaside resort of Tennysham is starting to get spruced up for Easter and the first day-trippers.

When a body is found on the promenade, Inspector Chance’s troubles are just about to start…

To order either the paperback or the Kindle edition just click on the link below. And if you buy the paperback and have a Kindle account you can download the Kindle edition as well for free…

And Gaslight Crime is taking a break now until after the Christmas holiday.

Thank you to everyone who has bought one of our books this year.
May we wish all of our readers a Merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year.

John and Anne



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2 responses to “Our New Detective Novel

  1. Buying my copy today as my Christmas treat for myself! Have a very Merry Christmas, Anne and John~

  2. Gaslight Crime

    Many thanks Marni. Hope you’re feeling much better, a very Merry Christmas to you across the pond!

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