Colin Dexter R.I.P.

We were very saddened to hear of the death today of Colin Dexter, at the age of 86.

His Inspector Morse novels were a considerable addition to crime literature, always wonderfully readable with great characterisation and superb plots.

They led, of course, to the much-loved television series with the late John Thaw, which was essential viewing for so many years. Colin Dexter’s Hitchcock-style brief appearances in each episode were always eagerly awaited.

Colin Dexter has left a wonderful legacy for all lovers of detective fiction.




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5 responses to “Colin Dexter R.I.P.

  1. Indeed, it’s a remorseful day…

  2. I just posted this on my FB page and then read your tribute. Dexter had been ailing for a while but it’s a great loss~

  3. It’s very sad. Another iconic figure gone from -what I think of as – a second Golden Age of British detective fiction. Few left now.

  4. I bought the complete set of DVDs of Morse on Ebay and am watching them for the second time. They are so well written and produced.

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