The New William Quest Novel

I was very much hoping to finish the new William Quest novel by Christmas, but it will now be out in the Spring. The new book is set in York and Quest finds himself playing the role of detective as he struggles to solve a mystery.

It’s been interesting taking Quest away from London into a city he doesn’t know at all, and where he has to seek out new allies. We’ve very much enjoyed prowling the alleys, ginnels and snickets of our finest medieval city in search of new locations. It’s interesting that while the Romans, Vikings and medieval folk get lots of publicity in York, its Victorian period seems to get neglected.

In fact, Victorian York wasn’t altogether a peaceful place. It had its own underworld and rookeries. There was menace… there was danger.

William Quest finds himself in York start just a week after the dramatic conclusion related in his last adventure Deadly Quest. William has scarcely recovered from the events on Jacob’s Island. And now he’s plunged into a new and baffling mystery.

Not to mention someone wanting him dead!

So sorry for the delay, but Quest is on his way.

And deadlier than ever.

If you’ve enjoyed the first two William Quest adventures, please do leave a review on Amazon.




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4 responses to “The New William Quest Novel

  1. Jeff

    Looking forward to the next William Quest adventure, whenever it’s released. The same goes for Sean Miller, but that’s another story. Pun intended ! 🙂

    • Gaslight Crime

      Thank you Jeff and Happy New Year. Hope to get Sean Miller out too by the end of the year, with the last Robin Hood somewhere in between, regards John B.

  2. Thanks for the reminder; now I have to go and check if I’ve posted reviews! Happy New Year and we will wait for Quest to return with baited breath for his newest adventure!

    • Gaslight Crime

      And a Happy New Year to you both. I shall be glad to see the new Quest out, as this one is taking longer than the other two!

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