Goodbye Gaslight

After a lot of thought we’ve decided to end the Gaslight Crime blog.

We’re making a few changes this year, mostly to give us more time to write our own books.

We now have a website which will have all the latest news about our books.

The address is

Thanks to you all for reading our blogs. Gaslight Crime will remain online as an archive site.

The John Bainbridge Writer blog will continue at 

John and Anne



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6 responses to “Goodbye Gaslight

  1. Jeff

    Sorry to hear of your decision, I very much enjoyed reading your posts. Best of luck in the future, and of course I’m looking forward to your books.


  2. Sorry to hear this, I’ve enjoyed reading your updates and reviews, but glad you’re keeping the site up up as an archive.

    • John Bainbridge

      Thanks – we’ve enjoyed blogging for over 3 years and it’s just time pressure. We really enjoy your blog – country crime is a great idea.

  3. Sorry to hear that. As someone working on a book also I do understand though. Best wishes.

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