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Book News at the Year’s End

This has been a good year for me – I’ve published two novels, Dark Shadow in the William Quest series, and Legend – the final book in The Chronicles of Robin Hood series.

It’s nice to have finished the Robin Hood books as this has been an ambition of mine since boyhood. I may well return to writing another historical series in the future. I’ve several ideas in mind.

At the moment I’m writing a sequel to Balmoral Kill, and my hero Sean Miller is making a return. This one’s set in 1937 and finds Sean battling enemies on the wilds of Dartmoor. There’ll be lots of action and a detective mystery as well.

I’m also planning the fourth William Quest novel. Following his visit to York in Dark Shadow, Quest will be back in London, working for justice but outside the law. Always fun to be back in Quest’s Victorian world. Get the swordsticks ready!

I’m also hoping to write a walking memoir about my early days on Dartmoor. I’ve written four walking books so far. I get a lot of the ideas for writing when I’m out for a walk.

Not having Rupert Murdoch’s publicity budget, I do rely on word of mouth by readers to promote the books – so please do tell your friends and relatives.

Most of the books are out now in paperback as well as Kindle eBooks. You can get a list by clicking on this link:

A prosperous, happy and peaceful New Year to you all


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Legend – The New Robin Hood Novel Out Today

The final book in The Chronicles of Robin Hood series is out today, in paperback and as a Kindle eBook. Order it today and it’s cheaper! And a big thank you to everyone who’s bought and read my Robin Hood novels. Here’s the link…

Legend Cover 1..jpgAn action-packed finale to The Chronicles of Robin Hood.AD 1203. Plantagenet England: The mighty overlords of Sherwood Forest wage war against the poor and desperate. The Sheriff of Nottingham and Guy of Gisborne impose a vicious tyranny across the shire.
Where is Robin Hood, the leader of the outlaws and rebels? Has he abandoned the persecuted folk of the Forest?  As the darkness of winter falls across Sherwood, nobody is sure whether Robin Hood lives or not…Has the revolt against the cruel and powerful overlords been put down at last? This retelling of the Robin Hood legend takes the tale of the famous outlaw back to its origins in medieval reality and brings the saga to a gripping and bloody conclusion. Men die in battle… but a legend is born.

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