Dangerous Game on Pre-Order

My new book Dangerous Game is now available on Pre-Order for readers who read e-Books on Kindle. Publication date is November 17th. The paperback will also be out by then. Here’s the link: 


“Sean Miller – a rogue of the first water; a former Army sniper, he seems unable to stay out of a fight.”

Sean Miller’s on his way back to fight in Spain when he’s diverted to Devon. To undertake a mission for renegade members of the German Secret Service, trying to stop the Nazis plunging the world into war. A secret agent lies dead in a moorland river and the one man who can keep the peace is an assassin’s target. As the hunter becomes the hunted in an epic chase, Miller encounters his greatest enemy in a dangerous game of death across the lonely hills of Dartmoor.

A fast-paced action thriller by the author of Balmoral Kill and the William Quest adventures.

Dangerous Game Cover1



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3 responses to “Dangerous Game on Pre-Order

  1. Jeff

    John, this is great news. I just pre-ordered the Kindle version on Amazon US.

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