Gaslight Crime

Hooked on murder mysteries, detectives, thrillers and spies – especially Victorian to Vintage? Welcome to our Gaslight Crime blog.

The name came about to reflect (see what we did there) John’s William Quest   Victorian crime thrillers – originally, we were only going to blog about novels set in the gaslight era. Like all ideas, it grew and we decided we couldn’t leave out the Golden Age fiction we love, non-fiction about the genre or the wonderful detective novelists of the post-war decades.

Then there’s newly-written historical crime – more popular every year among authors and readers who want to enjoy old-fashioned mysteries, solved without modern technology and forensics. (No disrespect here – we like modern police procedurals too).

We’re also addicted to watching crime drama on television and film. So we blog about what we’ve been reading and watching, as well as writing research and updates. We re-read lots of old favourites (plenty of other genres too). There’s never enough time for reading… 

We do try to review without spoilers as we’d hate to lessen anyone’s reading pleasure.

And as crime authors ourselves, it’s only fair that we stick to mentioning work we enjoyed.

Thanks for reading our blog

John and Anne







One response to “Gaslight Crime

  1. keithbadger

    Just received Seaside, digging in tonight!

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